About Us

About Us

We are excited for you to fellowship with us.  You can feel the warmth of the love of Christ when you are among us.  The true and living God and His Word are the central focus at The World’s Church of the Living God.  

We are an institute of higher learning, where we are taught to be lovers, givers, and “faithers” who trust in God’s Word.

Pastor Allan Harrington delivers the unapologetic truth directly from the Word of God.  You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged. We believe you’ll be glad you accepted our invitation.

Here’s all you need to know before you show up for your first Sunday gathering: Come as you are.  

As of now, we have one service, Sunday service.  Our service is not age-distinct. Although some churches have age-specific services, we do not in order to keep the Biblical teaching the same for everyone.  All ages attend our Sunday service.

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